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Hotels in Barcelona. Our critics

The BcnHotels.com team wants to share with you the opinion of our critics in a friendly way. Each one of them hides behind an alias and matches a particular profile so that every user can identify with one of the critics and enjoy his/her selections. Below we show you the list of profiles of our critics:

He’s been an Erasmus student abroad for one year, so he has many friends from all around the world, especially European. He lives with his parents, so every time he has visits, he has to look for inexpensive but clean –and modern and with a young atmosphere, if possible- hotels and hostels.
Age: 23 years old – Student of Journalism
Budget: Low.

As a good chef, he is attracted by hotels that house good restaurants. Design hotels are his favourites, since he is very fond of modern architecture.
Age: 56 years old – Owner of restaurants and hotels
Age: 32 years old - Chef
Budget: Average high

Although travelling is one of her passions, she has not found in any country such an impressive architecture as that of the Catalan Modernism. Deeply in love with Gaudí’s work, she always visits hotels placed in historic buildings, especially from the late 19th and early 20th century. She finds classic settings really inviting.
Edat: 35 years old – Sommelier
Budget: Average high.

As a travel guide writer, she likes exploring and discovering all sorts of hotels of any category and price. The only condition is that they offer good value for money.
Age: 43 anys – Author of travel guides
Budget: Average.

He often has meetings with clients that come from outside Barcelona, especially from Madrid, but also from the rest of Spain and, sometimes, even from other countries. In any case, he needs to make an impression on them, so it is important for him to find good hotels where they feel comfortable and have all comforts. .
Age: 56 years old – Owner of restaurants and hotels
Budget: High.